Nice of you to drop by!
We are Robin & Toni, the two authors behind this crazy book idea.
Let us shortly introduce ourselves:

Hi, I’m Robin!
Computer scientist, enthusiastic globetrotter and now also a book author!
“What, you’re a computer scientist? You don’t look like one!”. How often have I heard this sentence. What is he like, this ‘typical computer scientist’? I am apparently not like him.

Hi there 🙂
I am Antonia, also simply called Toni. I am currently studying my Master of Sport Science in Finland. I travel a lot, I need good music in my daily routines and I love to do all kinds of sports: From tennis to bouldering to ballet, you can get me excited about pretty much everything.

We first met in sunny Australia, where we started our friendship as cooking-buddies in a hostel during our Work and Travel and then strengthened our newly created bond during a spontaneous four week road trip along the west coast. Since then we have been meeting regularly in Germany and have done many crazy things together over the past years. One of them being the hardscrabble ascent of Monte Troodelöh, Cologne’s highest peak with its 118 m above sea level! 😉
Together we had the idea for this project and we are thrilled about how well it has been accepted so far! We hope that we were able to catch your interest as well and we are sure that we will regularly put a smile on your face!