Donations for Frei Alberto

The day has come, your patience will be rewarded: The book is ready for printing! 🎉You now have the possibility to buy the book for a small donation and support the education of the book authors of the next generation as the donations will go to a school in Brazil 🙂

Get to know more about the funding project

Through Robin’s old High School we got in contact with Brother Augustinus from the Franziskaner Mission who has lived in Brazil for 20 years and ever since is collecting donations for the Frei Alberto school in Saõ Luís, Brazil, every year. 100% of the collected donations from the book will go to the completely donation-based school in Brazil to support the distance schooling forced by the current pandemic! More than before the school has struggled to keep educating their pupils while supporting the poorest families of the community in their basic needs. To assist in this mission and support children’s education and their families needs, we want to dedicate our collectively written book to the Frei Alberto school.

We will cover the cost for the printing of the book, so that your entire donation will go to the Frei Alberto school. Further, through our personal contact, we will make sure that the entire sum will be received and used where needed most.

Via the contact form below, let us know until Wednesday, 25th of August if you want to have a printed edition. All issues are printed on recycled paper. Ebook versions can be acquired until the 31st August, afterwards the donations will collectively be sent to Sao Luís where the Frei Alberto school is located.

The minimum donation is 5€. Naturally, if you like, please donate more!
After being contacted by you, we will send you the information on how to transfer the money via bank transfer or PayPal.

Contact form
Shipping fees Fragezeichen
inside Germany: 1,90€
other European countries: 3,20€
outside of Europe: 3,90€
Choose if you'd like to receive the paperback or e-book version of the book

Don’t hesitate forwarding this information to all interested parties. It would be awesome to give this project an even bigger purpose and collect as much as we can.
Besides, and this goes out to all our authors, who wouldn’t want their own book standing on the book shelf?

All the best and have fun reading!
Robin & Toni