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How to participate in THE international short-story

Hey! We hope you are doing good in these times! In the following we want to introduce to you our international short story project and will explain to you how you can participate!

Read about the idea behind the project

It all began in the beginning of April. We were skyping and joked about how amazing it would be to write a short story together, each of us writing a page a day always receiving the last sentence of the other persons page before starting our next one, linking them together by only knowing this last sentence. One thing led to another and here we were. Sending us the last sentences of our pages back and forth. We wanted to see how this adventurous book-writing develops and how our quite different characters mirror in our style as well as in the content of writing.The first story is already ready be read (you can find it under “The Project – Together. Separated.”) and now we want to expand our project. And for this we need you!

In these days that countries are closing borders, travelling is restricted and governments are mainly concerned with national issues, we want to connect and create something together across national borders. We want to create an internationally written short story about life, about whatever drives you and about friendship and family! The limit is your own imagination.

Everyone who participates gets assigned a two day period they can more or less choose themselves according to their time schedule. But don’t worry, you won’t need much time to take part! At the beginning of your two day time period, you will receive the very first page of the story (written by us, containing some basics of the story like perspective and potential theme and characters) and the last written page so far. So the one written by the person before you. The page you would link yours to. Then you have two days to write your page and send it back to us. We will then take this page and send it to the next person. You are pretty free in what you can write and it is supposed to reflect something of yourself. It can be through your style of writing, by weaving your daily life or today’s thoughts into the story or any other way. You can either further develop the story line of the page before yours, start a new characters story or write some kind of excursion of thoughts as long as it roughly links to the page written before you. At the end it is your story as much as it is ours and everyone else’s!

We had a lot of fun reading our first story and actually seeing ourselves reflected in the way we wrote our parts. We are really excited about this new story and hopefully we were able to get you excited as well!

If you want to participate by contributing one page, click on the doodle link below and assign yourself to a time slot. First come, first serve! Please only sign up for dates that are still available. 🙂 After you have done so, fill-out the contact form below, so we have your contact details. If it’s okay for you, you’re welcome to also add your nationality. This way we will be able to see how far our story has extended over the globe so far!

Best wishes and stay well!

How to participate

We want to create a short story written by authors from all around the world.

Who can take part?
Everyone! 🙂

What do I do?
Continue the story by writing one page.

How do I take part?
1. Click the doodle link and sign-up for a specific date.
2. Fill out the contact form where you tell us the date you signed up for.
3. We will send you the first page and the page written by the person before you in the morning of the according date.
4. You have two days to write your page and send it back to us.
5. Sign-Up for our Newsletter so you don’t miss it when we upload new pages 😀
6. Have fun and enjoy reading the whole story knowing you are part of this!

Assign yourself a date & contact us:

First assign yourself a date:

Add your nationality if you like 🙂
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